"You're wrong! Malachia is my Earthly One as well! And I cannot allow you to turn him into your slave!"
— Zebel attempting to stop Reina's madness



Voiced by
Luca Bottale (Original/Italian),
Unknown (English Dub)
Age (at first appearence)
-Rope Fly
Rival Angel(s)
Earthly Ones

Zebel was a devil that lived at the end of the nineteenth century and was Malachia's guardian Devil, fighting over his soul against Reina.


Zebel had a body similar to Gas. He had pale skin, short and spiky black hair, resembling the type of hair used by members of a Rock and Roll band, and red eyes. He had a black scar on his right eye. Zebel wore a red shirt with ripped sleeves and white prints of devilish versions of the tragedy and humor masks, two black strips and black and red armbands on each arm. He also wore grey pants with prints of black flames and white and black shoes. He had a grey necklace with many triangle shaped charms that lead to a second charm with the shape of a light yellow skull. His horns and wings were pale red.


Like a normal devil, Zebel was the typical irritating rival devil who loved to tease his adversary whenever he won the challenge with his respective human. However he also respected a lot the V.E.T.O and when Reina tried to force Malachia to love her, he was quick to judge her.



Zebel was assigned to tempt Malachia's soul and like many other devils he had his ups and down while facing his angel rival, Reina, however after Angelie's disappearence and Malachia's decision to shut everyone out of his life except for his baby daughter, things changed for good to Zebel's side. The devil began successfully tempting one time after another the alchemist leaving Reina desperate.

After successfully leading Malachia to the wrong path one more time Zebel celebrates his victory and teases Reina saying that their human is just a bad seed and that it was only a matter of time before Malachia showed his true potential with potions.
He then appears shortly after Reina poisoned Malachia with his own love potion in order to make him fall in love with her, after his rival asks what he was doing there, he answered that his seventh sense told him something was wrong and so he came to check.
Finally coming to realisation of what Reina's plan was, Zebel tried to persuade Reina into not doing such thing for it would be a sacrilege but failed to do so.
Using the bad methods, the devil attacked his rival but once again failed.
Zebel is last seen attempting one more time to stop Reina from entering the Portraits Room, telling her that if she goes in there she won't be able to come back.


Rope Fly

His wings change to different shades of yellow that allow him to create a rope that is able to trap his opponent. It's used for the first and only time on 1x34.


  • It is unknown who is Zebel's mascot
  • It is unknow what happened to Zebel after Reina's sacrilege
  • Zebel's italian voice actor voices as well one of the main characters of the series: Gas