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"And you will always be my number one!"
— Urie to Raf after learning the true meaning of friendship (Season 2)

Urie is one of the deuteragonists of the series, she is part of the Angel's Friends. She is a 99% Angel who goes to Earth to start her stage in Golden School in order to become a 100% Angel and win her Radiant Halo. Urie was the second character to be introduced, the first being Raf


Urie Prisma.jpg

Voiced by
Benedetta Ponticelli (Original/Italian),
Serra Hirsch (English Dub)
Age (at first appearence)
15 stars
Natural Fly:
-Flower Fly
-Meteo Fly
-Jump Fly
-Hurricane Fly
-Green Fly
-Prisma Fly
Lampo, the firefly
Rival Devil(s)
Cabiria (1x01-Season 2),
Gas (1x29-1x33)
Earthly One(s)
Ginevra (whole Season 1),
Giulia and Elena (1x29-1x33),
Sara J (whole Season 2)
First Appearence

Personality and Traits

Urie is a 15 star-old (in Season 1) angel, she is described as a sensible, naive, dreamy, happy, spontaneous and social girl. Urie has got a big passion for photographs and has got a magical camera named Digi-Dream, that is able to photograph either real objects or people's dreams. Urie has got lilac eyes and long curled brown hair, tied in four pigtails, two at the sides of her head and the other two on the back of her head. She likes to wear clothes with floral prints and bright colors, most of them are in the colors of yellow, orange and/or green.



Urie appears for the first time when Raf is going towards the Big Door where the two were supposed to meet. 

Urie is assigned to protect Ginevra and to compete against Cabiria. She is Raf's childhood best friend and does everything to help her, she comforts her whenever she needs and helps her beating her adversary whenever she needs. On the other side she is also helped by her friends when she needs help beating her rival but she is quite clever herself.

Urie helped a lot Raf after she and Sulfus comitted the sacrilege by kissing, she wanted to prove that her friend and the devil had been manipulated by someone from the outside and so she, Dolce and Miki entered the angel's dreams and saw everything she had gone through with the devil, discovering how she had broken the V.E.T.O by touching Sulfus' hand. Urie, Dolce and Miki got the proof of how Raf and Sulfus had been manipulated by photographing the moment she and the devil were bite by Reina 's spider.

She also didn't give up in bringing back her friend when Raf decided to abandon the Golden School after discovering she had been born a human and not an angel as she had thought through her whole life. She later participated in Raf's plan to trick Reina into thinking the angel had betrayed them and decided to join the evil side, Urie played the paper of the broken hearted friend who refused to fight due to not wanting to hurt her.

Urie helped in the final battle against Reina by waking up her power of the Prisma Fly but later her powers were absorbed by Reina and used against herself. She is last seen at the infirmary celebrating having passed to the next level.

In Season 2, during the events of episode 2, Urie finds a drawing supposely made by Cabiria, in there are her and Raf where the blonde angel is putting a foot on her head as a symbol of superiority, after that scene Urie starts doubting through half of the season if Raf is truly superior to her.

To prove to herself that she isn't inferior to Raf, she starts trying to be as good as Raf is. On the trip to Paris, Urie answers quickly to a question made by Omnia before Raf can do it. It is also shown how upset she gets when Raf, while on the Eiffel Tower looking for the devils, gives the idea to split in different places and look for them, it's clear Urie gets upset for not having been her having that idea.

On 2x27, Urie is invited by Daniele to dance with him when Raf thought he was going to invite her which clearly made Urie happy with the fact Daniele choose her and not Raf to have the first dance. When Raf accusesDolce andSulfus of having kissed each other, something that she had witnessed, the fact Urie was trying to act not inferior to Raf could have also contributed to not believing in her childhood friend.

On 2x30, Raf and Urie end their friendship due to Raf having caused Dolce's powers to be removed and Sulfus' expulsion from school both during two weeks. Raf accuses Urie of being jealous of her and Urie threatens that they will no longer be friends if she doesn't take these words back. Later on when everyone seemed to have accepted Raf's apologies, Urie is the one that still has to forgive the blonde angel but plays hard to get, it is later seen on the challenge "Crazy Mind" that Urie's deepest fear is to be inferior to Raf. Urie later realizes that friends should give each other a second chance and decides to forgive Raf, also apologizing for having been jealous of her.

Urie helps Raf and the other angels to get the half of the Temple of V.E.T.O's map that is in Zolfanello City by dressing up as a devil. After that, she is seen waiting for Raf and Sulfus' return from the Temple at the bar. After descovering that their enemies are none other than their own teachers Cassidy and Kubral, Urie and the others start looking for a way to stop them in the library while wondering what would happen to their humans if the angels or the devils were to disappear forever remaining only one species to guard or tempt the humans.

At the battle, Urie fights against Miguel, a bullfighter devil, even though she has trouble in the beginning she manages to change the situation and wins two new powers: Green Fly and Hurricane Fly which help her winning the battle. She fights one more time in the group battle together with her friends and the devils against Cassidy and Kubral's armies.

After the battle, Urie is seen giving a potion made by Kabale to help Raf and Sulfus gain their strenght for the final battle. Urie together with the others watch the final battle between Raf, Sulfus, Cassidy and Kubral. When things look really bad with the approach of the comet, Urie says to Cabiria that she has been a great opponent as her goodbye words.

Upon the defeat of Cassidy and Kubral and the garanteed safety of both angels and devils, Urie is seen greeting Raf after she woke up from a two-week sleep, she tells her friend that she has woken up just in time for graduation. Angels and Devils reunite at the Court where Arkhan and Temptel announce that they now are 99,9% angels and devils and that university waits for them.

Urie is last seen in the season dancing at the final year party.


Urie manages to convince Raf in going to the summer course who doesn't feel like going due to fearing she will meet Sulfus again. Upon arriving the Sunny College , Urie and the others meet a charming angel who recites the poem "Ode to the West Wind" written by Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Later Urie once more manages to convince Raf in going to the welcome masquerade party. She and the others later compete against the devils in order to try to convince the Earthly Ones to not spend the night at the theater however after suffering a cheat from the devils, they end up losing and are forced to spend the night over with the devils and the Earthly Ones.

The group is later forced to go underground when Ginevra is kidnapped by someone hidden in the shadows who later is revealed to be none other than Tyco himself. After defeating Tyco and hearing his tragic story with Sai , Raf and Sulfus decide to face the Sigh of Deception, Urie leaves with the others in order to protect the Earthly Ones but later return when they make sure everything is fine.

Urie is last seen on the stage with Kabale reciting words from the prologue of the play Romeo and Juliet.


Main Article:All of Urie's Outfits

As an Eternal, Urie wears a strapless yellow shirt with double long sleeves, the first being a poffy yellow transparent

URIE 02 V2 COL.jpg
sleeve, on the top is the print of a white flower with glittery blue. She uses a pale yellow belt with a glitter blue flower buckle with matching pale yellow and glitter blue long stripes. She uses long soft yellow and pale yellow boots with an opening on the sides and blue glitter on the sides. Her hair is caught in four pigtails, two on the sides with glitter blue, flower shaped hair clips. Her wings and halo are yellow.  

Uriè 03.png
Urie's Prisma Fly is a double layered dress, the first layer is a yellow and goes down to her tighs, it only has got a strap on the right side. A glitter cloth is wrapped around her waist held by a pink flower, the bottom of the dress is decorated by small pink flowers. The second layer is all pink. She also uses matching pink arm bands on both her arms and yellow boots. On her legs are the pink swirls marks. Her hair has got a headband and is caught in two lower pigtails. Her wings become bigger than the usual, they are patterned with sparkly pink flowers and balls. Her halo keeps the same color as her Eternal form.


Flower Fly

Her wings become a bright yellow color with flower patterns that allow her to grow lianas and other types of vegetation, used to trap the adversary. It's used for the first time on 1x12

Hydro Fly

Her wings become a bright blue color with star and waves patterns that allow her to breathe and swim underwater. It's used for the first time on 1x24.

Meteo Fly

Her wings become a lilac color with clouds and sun patterns that allow her to change the weather. It's used for the first time on 1x02

Jump Fly

It's a special power that used together with the Scepter of Light allow Urie to perform really high jumps. It's used for the first and only time on 1x07


Urie gains this power on the Tournament of Light and Darkness, it's a power that allows her to transform into any kind of animal. It's used for the first time on 1x24

Prisma Fly

Her wings spread the eternal chromatic essence of the yellow color. It's used for the first time on 1x51.

Hurricane Fly

Her wings become a mix of different shades of blue that form swirls similar to the hurricanes, these wings allow her to create many hurricanes at the same time. It's used for the first time on 2x46.

Green Fly

Her wings become a gradient of different shades of green from a very dark shade to a very bright one, these wings allow Urie to spread a gummy green substance that hold the feet of her adversary on the floor. It's used for the first time on 2x46.


  • Powers: Natural Fly i.e nature
  • Loves: Nature, in all of its forms and the flowers
  • Likes: Take pictures with the Digi-Dream and talk with her friends
  • Feels: A bit hippie but sensible and nice
  • Secret: With her Digi-Dream she takes photos, not just of reality but also of the dream dimension which is she is able to take photos of dreams.
  • Style: Floral fabrics and bright colors
  • Colors: Yellow, orange and green
  • Earthly One: Ginevra, a girl like water and soap, a bit insecure
  • Favorite Phrases: "This is a real flash!"
  • People call her: A bit naive, dreamer but full of intuition
  • Mascot: Lampo, a super-firefly that enlightens all paths
  • Rival Devil: The wacky, unpredictable and unfair Cabiria






  • Urie's name is possibly a reference to the archangel Uriel
  • While in the cartoon Urie is 15 stars, in the original comic she is 11 stars
  • In the cartoon, for now, Urie doesn't have any crush or is in love with anyone but in the original comic she is secretly in love with Mefisto, a devil that in the cartoon is just a background character
  • In the comic Urie's wings and halo are lilac while in the cartoon they are yellow
  • In the comic Urie plays drums in the band named Angels, something that isn't shown in the cartoon version
  • In both versions she has got the Digi-Dream
  • While in the cartoon Urie's eyes are lilac, in the comic they are green