Ultimatum to the Earth is the forty-eighth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends.

Ultimatum to the Earth
Season One, Episode Forty-Eight
Episode Information

Production Code148
Italian/Original TitleUltimatum alla Terra
English TitleUltimatum to the Earth
Alternative TitleUltimate to Earth
Italian Air DateMarch 13, 2010
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Arkan, Temptel, Reina, and Malachia all prepare for the coming war over the humans. Meanwhile, Raf wanders aimlessly through the city, unsure what to do now that she's renounced her angelic nature and feeling lonely without her friends.

Back at the Golden School, the other angels regret having let Raf leave even if it was what she said she wanted. They agree that, despite where she might have come from, Raf is still an angel like them and they must stand beside her. So, though it is against the rules, the angels leave campus in search of their friend.

In the Devil's classroom, Sulfus is also worried for Raf, though is interrupted by Kabale and Cabiria who proceed to tease him about the angel. Gas draws their attention to the video blackboard where the battle against Reina is being broadcasted.

The Angelic Battalion arrives to the Mystery House where Reina calmly awaits them. Though Arkhan is ready to fight, Reina postpones him as they await the diabolic side, which soon arrives with Temptel leading the Diabolic Battalion, to the awe and amazement of her students. The devils pridefully declare they will hang back from the fight and take over when the angels fail. Arkhan declares this won’t happen.

To Reina, the angelic headmaster orders her to give up and return the portraits should she wish to save herself. Naturally she refuses as she doesn't wish to be returned to Limbo. Instead, she baits them to fight her, which Temptel scoffs at. Arkhan deploys the angelic guards while Reina sends Malachia - enchanted with magical powers - to defend her.

As the fight rages on, the angelic apprentices continue to search for Raf ,though can't find her in the town. They worry she might have come across the fighting. Urie refuses to give up the search and, struck by an idea, leads the others to where she thinks the girl might be.

The War rages on with the angels gaining the upper hand over Malachia with their numbers. Temptel, watching from the sidelines as she promised, worries that the angels' victory will put them one-up over the devils for centuries. She then prematurely deploys her devil warriors to join the fight, brushing off Arkhan's outrage at the interference, and has them attack Malachia just as he's given out. The devil apprentices cheer on their teacher while Sulfus worries that the battle is much too easy. He also worries for Raf.

Out on her special beach, Raf is sitting in thought when her friends finally find her. She's happy to see them but when she tries to remind them she wasn’t born angelic like them, they denounce such trivialities and insist that her behavior as an angel is what truly defines her nature, not a birthmark on her neck.

Malachia finally collapses and the eternal war guards celebrate their victory, though Arkhan insists that Temptel's interference was unneeded. They again tell Reina to give up the portraits, but she refuses and reveals her backup plan. The earthlings who've all arrived at her abode, under her control. She threatens their lives and, seeing the distress of the eternals, gives them her ultimatum: the earthlings will be safe (and under her control) but the eternals must abandon the Earth completely. The lives of their humans on the line, the spirits have no choice but to agree to her demands.

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