Together Forever is the fortieth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Together Forever
Season One, Episode Forty
Episode Information

Production Code140
Italian/Original TitlePer sempre insieme
English TitleForever Together
Alternative TitleForever Together
Italian Air DateFebruary 21, 2010
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The spirits are devastated by the loss of their friends. Raf cries to Urie, blaming herself while Sulfus takes out his anger by trashing the kitchen. He unintentionally causes another whipped cream flood and the remaining eternals must flee though a ventilation duct. As they travel through the ducts, Urie and Cabiria vanish, distressing Raf and Sulfus. They have no time to wonder, though, as they are suddenly dropped through the vent into a dusty attic.

Investigating their surroundings and the drape-covered furniture, they find a music box that contains dancing figurines which look just like them. They're confused by these riddles, but the music from the box overtakes them and they fall into a deep sleep on the floor.

Raf suddenly awakens inside of her dorm at the Golden School, surrounded by her friends who encourage her that she needs to get ready. She doesn’t understand and questions their fancy appearances to which they assume she's playing forgetfulness. To "remind" her, they show her the clothes they want her to wear: a wedding dress. She's getting married today, to Sulfus. The others gush over the romance of her and Sulfus marrying and becoming terrestrials for eternity together. Though she's still quite blindsided, Raf goes along with it while the rest of her friends run off to their pre-wedding tasks.

Urie meets Cabiria at the ceremony location overlooking a cliff. Urie finishes the decorations with a reef of flowers and though Cabiria seems impressed, she remarks that it's all too sweet for a devil's wedding. Urie argues that Sulfus is no longer like Cabiria and her friends as he will become terrestrial, which clearly upsets the devil. Urie encourages her to be happy for their special celebration, though she doesn't seem convinced.

Elsewhere, Gas is checking off the foods for the banquet when Miki comes along, ordering him not to eat anything. She notices they're missing the ice cream and after Gas defends that he didn't eat it, she magics an ice statue in the shape of the wedding couple. Gas tries to "admire" it a little closer and she tells him off again, to which he retreats to find Sulfus.

In his dorm room, Sulfus has dressed himself in his wedding tux, when Kabale finds him. She gives an odd compliment and he admits that the situation seems very unreal, though he likes the idea of spending his life with the woman that he loves. Kabale reveals her own sadness that when he marries, he'll leave behind all his devil friends, though he promises he'd never forget them. Even as a human, he wants to stay their friend. This eases her pain and she readies to escort him to his wedding.

At the ceremony site, angels and devils from their school are in attendance, along with their teachers who don't really approve that they'll be co-officiating. As Raf arrives with her bridesmaids, dressed in her gown, all are entranced by her including Gas (which gets him bopped by an angry Kabale). She and Sulfus walk to meet each other on the aisle, both thinking of their new freedom to love each other. However, Dolce notices that Raf forgot her bouquet and rushes to give it to her, tripping and sending the roses into the angel's arms. One of the thorns pricks Raf's finger and as she flinches from the pain, the surroundings start to fade, revealing the whole affair to have just been a dream.

Raf and Sulfus both awaken for real inside the attic where they fell and are both left confused by their odd vision. To make things worse, the attic has changed into a warm room where they are greeted by their enemy, Reina herself.

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  • Everyone deals with anger and frustration at some point. The best way to deal with such emotions is to express them, maybe by venting with a friend. However, those who use action over words to express their anger can create serious trouble.
  • Things that seem too good to be true usually are


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