Threats on the Horizon is the twenty-first episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Threats on the Horizon
Season One, Episode Twenty-First
21 Threats on Horizon - Incoming Rivals
Episode Information

Production Code121
Italian/Original TitleMinacce all'orizzonte
English TitleThreats on the Horizon
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 9, 2009
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Raf is happy for busy days that distract from the worries of her "Sulfus problem". This is interrupted when Arkhan has to visit Angie Town to speak with the High Spheres about the problem at the Caves of Obscurity, and has thus canceled classes. Ignoring an offer of having Gabi teach, Dolce asks Raf to assist her with helping Edoardo who she thinks will have issues late that day as his father is supposed to pick him up. She explains the estrangement of the human's parents and that even with so limited time they can see each other, his father has canceled these appointments before which always upsets Edoardo. Gabi encourages Raf to help out and as a bonus, says she doesn't need his guidance today as she's proven she can stay away from Sulfus.

In the courtyard, Gabi is relaxing, glad to have some free time from watching Raf, when he's approached by Misha. Like him, she's given Sulfus a day off of watching to get a break for herself and she proceeds to tease her fellow guardian about their being "colleagues". In the midst of their conversation, Reina's Black Spider bites them both, infecting them with its new poison and giving rise to romantic feelings for their charges, Raf and Sulfus. They immediately go off to find them.

Kabale has recruited Sulfus to help her tempt Edoardo, hoping that the inevitable letdown from his father will provide her a diabolic opening. Sulfus is glad to have Misha gone and insists to Kabale that he's about finished with his feelings for Raf. The two arrive to Edoardo's home and find the angels already present, which makes for an awkward situation. Raf and Sulfus each wish to leave but are stopped by their friends. Edoardo's father calls the house and, as the eternals predicted, cancels his appointment to see Edoardo and won't even speak to the boy himself.

Edoardo, upset over his father's neglect, takes off on his motor bike, driving angry. His reckless actions almost injure several people which turns him towards the negative side, to Kabale's delight. Raf tells her that even if she's won the day's challenge without doing anything, they must stop Edoardo before he's seriously injured, which would benefit no one. Kabel is reluctant to perform any good deeds but Sulfus agrees with Raf and with the angels, they set out to stop Edoardo. Sulfus and Kabale detour him with phony construction work, then Raf and Dolce stop him as police offers, saying they'd seen everything, to Edoard's fear.

Later, the four spirts laugh over their ruse having worked. As they reach the school grounds, they are approached by a frantic Gabi and Misha who quickly cling to their charges and pull them off, to the confusion of the younger angel and devil. Watching from Limbo, Reina gloats over the success of her plan, explaining to Malachia that she wants jealousy to blossom and push Raf and Sulfus together.

In Angie Town, Arkhan is meeting with the High Spheres as he explains the situation of the Caves of Obscurity. He asks to know who is behind the attacks, bringing up the Limbo creatures and starts to speak of a "neutral being", though the High Spheres cut him off. They refuse to tell him anything further, saying that he must only prepare his students for future troubles.

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  • Edoardo's portrait changes to the diabolic side as a result of his angry driving. THis is the first time that a human's nature has changed without the prior interference of angels or devils


No attacks were used during this episode.


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  • Keeping busy can help distract from troubling thoughts
  • No competition is worth the safety of another person
  • Driving while upset can be very dangerous


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