The Legend of Reina is the thirty-four of the first season of Angel's Friends

The Legend of Reina
Season One, Episode Thirty-Fourth
Episode Information

Production Code134
Italian/Original TitleLa leggenda di Reina
English TitleThe Legend of Reina
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateFebruary 7, 2009
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Raf and Sulfus are cleared of all charges, getting their restrictions removed and returning to full power. They are also reinstated as the protectors of their first human, Andrea, to guard and tempt him.

However, before they can return to work, all the apprentices gather to hear the story of their enemy, Reina, so that they'll be prepared to face her in the future.

The story begins in late 1800s Paris when an esteemed alchemist, Malachia, made unscrupulous potions for people, particularly to make them fall in love. His guardian angel, Reina, was distraught by these activities while her devil rival, Zebel, gloated over his continued victories. As he flies off, Reina watches Malachia return home, grieving over his descent to evil following the disappearance of his wife and being unable to help him. She watches him make his love potion, contemplating her own forbidden love for him and, in her desperation to save Malachia's soul, resolves to use his potion to gain his love and thus, force him down the path of good.

When Malachia stops to have dinner, Reina slips him the potion into his food, transformed as a terrestrial. Zebel arrives at this time, suspicious of Reina's actions and horrified that she would try to steal Malachia's heart. To Reina's distress, the potion does not work for her, so she flees to the Golden Castle to try again, this time by using Malachia's soul portrait which would take away his free will. Zebel tried to stop her, to no avail, and she takes the portrait from the wall. For her actions against her human's free will, Reina created a sacrilege that pushed her into Limbo where she was imprisoned.

As the teachers end the story, they inform their students that Reina was also banished from the angelic ranks. When she tried to joined the demonic ranks, they too rejected her, leaving her as a Neutral Being of neither good or evil, who hates all creatures. The unfortunate alchemist, Malachia, was turned into her love-struck slave but as he is no longer who he once was, it’s a hollow victory for the rogue eternal.

As only a sacrilege could unlock Reina, they surmise she orchestrated Raf and Sulfus's embrace to create the force that freed her. Now they must be on guard as no one knows what their enemies look like, and so could be anywhere.

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