The Last Chance is the thirtieth of the first season of Angel's Friends

The Last Chance
Season One, Episode Thirtieth
30 Last Chance - The Devilgram
Episode Information

Production Code130
Italian/Original TitleL'ultima chance
English TitleThe Last Chance
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateJanuary 17, 2010
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Raf tries to enjoy her morning, but is startled by the appearance of the angelic Serafini who've come with news of her punishment from the High Spheres. Likewise Temptel is visited by the Malebolgie. They deliver the "devil-gram from the Low Spheres and she rudely sends them off before reading the verdict of Sulfus's punishment: Expulsion.

Arkhan calls Raf into his office to give her her own expulsion, confining her to her dorm room until tomorrow morning when the expulsion will take affect. Sulfus doesn't take the announcement as calmly and explodes at Temptel, accusing her of not trying hard enough to help him and Raf, despite that she knows someone is out to get them. As he goes, Temptel concedes that he's right and is determined to make things right before its too late.

The demonic Headmistress calls her angelic counterpart to the Hall of Portraits and tells him they must find the perpetrator of their student's manipulation. Though Arkan is uncertain they can do anything to help, Temptel has a suspect in mind and together they enter the Hall of Portraits where, as she suspected, they find one empty spot where a portrait should be. She mentions the legend of the Neutral One which Arkahn admits to knowing of, though says they'd need proof. She orders him to ask the High Spheres about her, stating that the Low Spheres would lie if she asked, so it's up to him to get the information for the sake of their students.

Raf tells the other angels the verdict and they protest as well, though Raf tells them not to do anything that could get them into trouble. She reminds them that she will only be returning home and thus, will see them when the return to Angie Town. They agree to seeing her off but she mentions that there's one more person she wishes to say goodbye to before leaving: Sulfus. The angels understand and agree to help her do it, even though the rule says she's to be confined to her room. Since she can't fly on her own wings, Urie and Miki agree to fly her down to the devils' dorm, with Dolce causing a distraction for the human ones.

While this is happening, Arkhan returns to Angie Town to see the High Spheres and inquires about the Neutral One. He defends that as it was a sacrilege that imprisoned the Neutral One, only a new sacrilege could free her. From this, its clear that that person orchestrated the kiss for her own gain, which the High Spheres agree to as a possibility. However, they require proof and when Arkham volunteers to enter Limbo to get that proof, they tell him to be weary as they know nothing of the mysterious realm and it could be filled with dangers. He accepts this and is determined to go on, for the sake of his student.

Raf finally reaches Sulfus's room but find all the devils in a stasis and that the boy himself is missing, destroying Raf's chance to tell him goodbye. Unbeknownst to them, Sulfus is up in their angelic dorms, looking for Raf after his friends helped him escape. He too is disappointed to leave without seeing her again.

That evening, Urie approaches Raf with a new idea to prove her innocence while Arkhan meet with Temptel, informing her of what he's learned. She will go with him into Limbo to defend her "worst" pupil. Reina watches them from her magic mirrors and while Malachia worries the teachers will discover their escape, Reina hopes the Pherox will ensure the two headmasters never return.

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  • A beautiful morning can make you forget your troubles. However, the unpleasant reality will come eventually


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