Someone to Trust is the forty-third of the first season of Angel's Friends

Someone to Trust
Season One, Episode Forty-Three
Episode Information

Production Code143
Italian/Original TitleQualcuno di cui fidarsi
English TitleSomeone to Trust
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateFebruary 27, 2010
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Raf continues to worry about her birthmark while hiding it from her friends. Then they come to invite her out, she claims to be sick and encourages them to have fun without her. They hesitantly agree, though promise to return soon to see her. Once they're gone, Raf returns to obsessing over her mark.

Flying to The Mall, the angels still worry about their friend and resolve to rush back to her as soon as possible.

Back at the Golden School, Raf is moping alone in the cafeteria, thinking about Reina's words, when Sulfus walks by. Seeing her in distress, he tries to learn what's got her so down, but she's too snippy to answer. While he tells her that all of Reina's words are just nonsense, Raf declares that she knows it's true and reveals her birthmark to him as proof that she isn't really an angel. Neither can comprehend this and he suggests she demand answers from Arkhan, but she's hesitant as she's; sure he wouldn't be honest. He then tells her, in a very roundabout way, that she should turn to her close friends for advice before flying off. She decides to do this and resolves to tell them everything as soon as they return home.

At the mall, the angels are preparing to return to Raf after seeing that their charges are enjoying a peaceful Sunday. At this point, their devil rivals arrive at the mall as well and, unpleased with the peace, decide to stir things up a little. Worried of what this might entail, the angels remain to be sure their humans don’t get into trouble.

At school, Raf anxiously awaits their return, noting how late it's getting. The idea that they would be out having fun while believing she's sick depresses her and she questions whether she really wants to trust them with her secret. Ultimately, she decides to wait for them for a little bit longer.

Still being tracked by their rivals, the devils transform into terrestrial form, then put together an impromptu music concert that entice all the teens to party. The angels aren't impressed and worry that the devils will use their influence to set a bad example for the teens. To combat hem, they start a rival music concert that draws the humans to their side, to the annoyance of their rivals. They gloat over their success before realizing they left Raf alone all day and rush back to the school.

Meanwhile, Raf has given up on them and, desperate to talk to someone who'd understand, she heads to Reina's home where the former angels has been waiting for her return. Knowing she has Raf's trust now, she prepares to tell her the history of her parents and what really happened to them.

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  • It's hard to believe in the farfetched and incredible, even with the evidence looking right at you
  • In times of doubt, talking out problems with close friends can help you


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