An angel, Raf , goes down to Earth for the first time after completing 15 stars, the age all the angels start their stage on Earth, at Golden School , in order to become a 100% Guardian Angel and achieve their radiant halos.There she and her childhood friend, Urie, meet two other angels: Dolce, a sweet and a bit naive angel, and Miki, an angel who is repeating the stage. But she also meets their eternal rivals: the devils, mainly composed by Sulfus , Cabiria , Kabale and Gas .

In the Golden School, Raf forms the Angel's Friends as she guards and protects her Earthly One, Andrea , from the temptations of Sulfus. However as this happens someone makes up plans on their backs: Reina , the Neutral, prisioner of the Limbo, helped by her servant Malachia, wants to escape from her prision but for that to happen a sacrilege must be committed: to reach her goal, she explores the feelings that are emerging between Raf and Sulfus trying to put them alone and make them kiss. The sacrilege will break the chains that hold Reina prisioner in the Limbo and set her free once and for all. 

Episode List

  1. Fly with her own Wings
  2. Friends Forever
  3. Poor Devil
  4. Real Beauty
  5. The Rules of the Game
  6. Protection
  7. Truth and Lies
  8. Who sows wind, reaps a storm
  9. Life on Earth
  10. Divided
  11. A Secret Meeting
  12. Prisioners of Heart
  13. The Deadly Labirynth
  14. Face to Face
  15. Reina's Deception
  16. Guardian Angel, Guardian Devil
  17. Playing with Fire
  18. The Caves of Obscurity
  19. Life in Danger
  20. From Sunset to Sunrise
  21. Threats on the Horizon
  22. 24 Hours
  23. On the Edge of the Abyss
  24. Revenge of the Angels
  25. The Trap of Time
  26. Two Couples, a Destiny
  27. Sacrilege
  28. Disciplinary Procedures
  29. Goodbye to the Golden School
  30. The Last Chance
  31. Everlasting Detective
  32. Dream or Reality?
  33. Innocent
  34. The Legend of Reina
  35. Dangerous Shortcuts
  36. Blow under the Belt
  37. Regaining the Earthly Ones
  38. Mystery Party
  39. Little Sweet...or Little Trick?
  40. Forever Together
  41. Face to Face with Reina
  42. The Proof
  43. Someone to Trust
  44. Duel and Temptation
  45. Willing to Anything
  46. The Portraits Room
  47. War Atmosphere
  48. Ultimate to Earth
  49. At the Wolf's Den
  50. Sacrifice
  51. Final Clash
  52. Goodbye Golden School