The Riviventi are five legendary creatures, devoid of emotions that go beyond good and evil. They were
created by Malachia: born from the magma, fed by Raf's tears and freed by Sulfus' laughter. They have the power to infect the humans, stealing their emotions and depriving them of free will and the ability of distinguish between good and evil. With the continuing evocations, they acquired conscience and betrayed Malachia, stealing the obscure book. They can take 99 different forms, having been created using an Angel and a Devil at 99%: the hundredth is the most deadly form, giving them the capacity of transforming into the Rilucenti (Shiny), creatures made from antimatter that, instead of just stealing emotions, can absorb anything.

Powers and Abilities

The Riviventi can infect the humans and steal their emotions, causing them to be deprived of their free will and also the abilty of distinguish between good and evil.


  • The name "Riviventi" comes from the italian word "rivivere" which means revive