Revenge of the Angels is the twenty-fourth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Revenge of the Angels
Season One, Episode Twenty-Fourth
24 Revenge of Angels - Miki Ice Attack
Episode Information

Production Code124
Italian/Original TitleLa rivincita delle Angels
English TitleRevenge of the Angels
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 12, 2009
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The devils cheer for the next round, hoping to win it and officially defeat the angels. Urie is up next and, with encouragement from her friends, goes to face Kabale.

The devil has chosen a battle of kung fu using various weapons. Though she already has an advantage, Kabale turns herself invisible and repeatedly strikes Urie when she can't see her. The angel, thinking fast, summons a rainstorm that allows her to see her enemy's silhouette and dodge her attacks. She fights back using her Flower Fly and, stealing Kabale's weapons, turns the tables on her. Kabale creates copies of herself to overwhelm the angel, bur Urie discovers the power of Animal Transformation, becoming a puma and then a Golden eagle to overwhelm Kabale until she gives up. The angels have gained their first point.

Raf and Sulfus prepare for their own match but, to everyone's shock, the Orb of Destiny (on Reina's command) has decided to have the team battle next. Angels and Devils all enter the arena with the Angels choosing the field. They decide on the Center Park of Angie Town, a location they know well after spending heir childhoods there. It’s a game of tag.

The devils immediately attack with fire, wind, and boulders, forcing the angels on the defensive. Miki discovers a new control of Ice and Raf wants to make use of it. The angels dive into the park's lake and, taking the secret passage, come out in a well where they can watch their adversaries. The devils, thinking the angels are just hiding, dive in after them despite Sulfus's misgivings. While they're under, Miki freezes the pond solid, trapping the devils and scoring another point for the angels.

Now the teams are officially tied and the angels celebrate, even passing a hug between Raf and Gabi. Misha consoles the devils with blankets. The final challenge will be the defining match, Raf vs Sulfus.

In Limbo, Reina agrees that this will be the defining challenge, but more for her finally escaping Limbo.

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  • Kabale calls herself a Kung Fu Master. She's shown to be very proficient in martial arts
  • The Angels host their battle in a simulation of Angie Town, their home city. This is similar to the challenge in "Friends Forever" when Sulfus turned the Challenge Room into Zolfanello City for his fight with Raf



  • Invisible Fly
  • Double Fly
  • Metamor Fly


  • Meteo Fly
  • Flower Fly
  • Multi-Beast
  • Hydro Fly


  • Fire Fly


  • Dry Fly


  • Burger Fly


  • Ice


  • Think Fly


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  • One should never give up fighting, especially in bleak situations
  • Battles that seem easy may hold trickery


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