Real Beauty is the fourth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Real Beauty
Season One, Episode Four
Title 4(2)
Episode Information

Production Code104
Italian/Original TitleLa Vera Bellezza
English TitleReal Beauty
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateOctober 15, 2009
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Urie's human, Ginevra , feels uncomfortable because she doesn't follow fashion as her classmates. Urie must convince her to understand that she doesn't have to change to be accepted, while Cabiria , the devil who tempts the girl, wants exactly the opposite. The two eternals challenge each other in a rhythmics gymnastics race. Cabiria cheats and ends up winning the challenge, having then the right to have the first move with Ginevra. Meanwhile Sulfus keeps trying to hide the star mark in his hand by using a glove but that mark mysteriously disappears and he ends up giving the glove to Gas who wants to use it to gather Temptel's attention, however because it doesn't work, the devil leaves the glove behind and Malachia brings it to Reina . Cabiria gives Ginevra a ticket for a free treatment in a great beauty center but Urie convinces Ginevra in not changing just to please others.

Major Events

  • Urie has her first challenge against Cabiria, she loses the challenge but wins over Ginevra's decision
  • Sulfus' star mark mysteriously disappears
  • Reina obteins the second and last object to get control over Raf and Sulfus: Sulfus' glove.



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  • Flower Fly


  • Wild Fly


"Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror thinking that the one in front of you was a stranger? Some kind of alien that doesn't look like you at all? Well...know it happens to everyone!" (Raf)

"Because each one of us is an unique being, a creature different from others and the true beauty isn't in the copies but in the originals!" (Arkhan)

"Even though it's not his glove that interests me but the memory of his stained skin!" (Reina)


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  • It's important to store your valuables and have self-esteem
  • Pressure must not be a reason for someone to change himself or do something wrong


Angel's Friends - Episode 4 - English Subs

Angel's Friends - Episode 4 - English Subs


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