Prisoners of the Heart is the twelfth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Prisoners of the Heart
Season One, Episode Twelve
12 Prisoners of Heart - Trapped
Episode Information

Production Code112
Italian/Original TitlePrigionieri del cuore
English TitlePrisoners of the Heart
Alternative TitlePrisioners of Heart
Italian Air DateOctober 27, 2009
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The students are searching everywhere for Raf and Sulfus who have gone missing after their rguement. The mysterious notes are found and the remaining angels and devils (minus Miki and Gas) meet outside of the Challenge Room. They accuse one another of kidnapping their friends but after realizing the notes were planted, enter into the mysterious chamber in search of the others. Reina, seeing their arrival, worries that they may interfere with her trap and gives Malachia the Black Sphere so that he may overpower the students and keep them away. Meanwhile, chained together in a cell, Sulfus and Raf try to break free but their chains inhibit all of their powers. The rescuing team decides to split up, angels hiking through the strange forest and the devils flying over the tree tops. Both pairs are swiftly met with monstrous eagles and bears sent by Malachia, and forced to fall back. To escape their bonds, Raf and Sulfus transform into their mortal forms and decide they must trust one another in order to escape.

Major EventsEdit

  • Reina launches her first life-threatening assault on the students
  • Angels and Devils must team up in order to find their missing friends
  • Raf and Sulfus embrace for the first time (in terrestrial form)


No characters debuted in this episode


Voice CastEdit


English DubEdit




  • Body Fly


  • Invisible Fly


  • Wind Fly


  • Sound Fly


  • Flower Fly


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  • Friendship is incredibly strong, even in the face of danger


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