Poor Devil is the third episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Poor Devil
Season One, Episode Three
Title 3
Episode Information

Production Code103
Italian/Original TitlePovero Diavolo
English TitlePoor Devil
Alternative TitleFriendship Barks Back
Italian Air DateOctober 14, 2009
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Having won the challenge, Raf has the right to have the first movie with Andrea . She transforms into a dog walker and causes the boy to be followed by a few dogs while he is riding his bike. Meanwhile Malachia , following Reina 's orders, tries to find Raf's handkerchief where she had dry up her tears. Andrea is saved by Giacomo , who is a dog whisperer, and manages to calm down the dogs. Sulfus decides to not do his move for he thinks that he has already won the challenge and that what Raf did nothing to change Andrea's attitude but in the end Andrea defends Giacomo when he is once again bullied by the three boys. Sulfus loses the challenge and is teased by Cabiria , Kabale and Temptel. The devil goes to his bedroom and stares at the red star in his hand and complains how much it burns, Basilisco scolds him for having touched Raf and caused all of this. Malachia returns to Reina with Raf's handkerchief.

Major Events

  • Raf wins her first challenge against Sulfus
  • Malachia looks for Raf's handkerchief
  • Reina gathers the first object to have control over Raf and Sulfus.


No characters debuted in this episode


Voice Cast


English Dub


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No attacks were presented in this episode


Note: These quotes were translated directly from the original dub, not the english dub

"My friends taught me to never give up after a defeat, I must make treasure of their advices." (Raf)


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  • Faithful friends deserve the help of other friends
  • Too cocky and confident persons sometimes can't achieve their goals


Angel's Friends - Episode 3 - English Subtitles

Angel's Friends - Episode 3 - English Subtitles