The Pherox are monsters born in the Limbo and created by Reina to set an attack on both humans and eternals on
Pherox 2
Season 1. They appear on "Life in Danger", "From Sunset to Sunrise", "Dream or Reality?", "Innocent", "Sacrifice" and on "Final Clash".

The Pherox are dangerous and poisonous creatures. They can only be destroyed by light, the main weapon used to destroy them is the White Sphere possessed by Arkhan, the opposite weapon of their creation the Black Sphere.


Pherox 1
Season 1

While the Eternals and the humans are visiting the Caves of Obscurity, Reina sends the Pherox to the place in order to stop them from trying to get Raf, Sulfus, Matteo, Elena and Giulia out of the caves whose entrance is blocked by rocks, also caused by Reina.

The Pherox bite Urie and Cabiria on the shoulder and leg, respectively, and consequently poison them putting their lives in great danger. Later on while attacking Gabi and Misha, the Pherox are destroyed for the first time by the White Sphere that Arkhan possesses.

A second appearence of the Pherox are when Arkhan and Temptel visit the Limbo in order to find proves that Raf and Sulfus had been manipulated into kissing each other so the Neutral could escape from that place. They later find out that before she left, Reina left the Pherox guarding the place with orders to attack any intruder.

A third appearence is when the Pherox are called by Reina to go hunt down Malachia and Raf while they are trying to escape from the Mystery House.

A fourth and last appearence of the Pherox on Season 1 is a short appearence of these creatures in the middle of the city threatening the Eternals before they are attacked by Reina. Once again Arkhan defeats the creatures by using the White Sphere as a new days arises in the horizon.


  • The Pherox have the appearence of small white and black monkeys