On the Edge of the Abyss is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

On the Edge of the Abyss
Season One, Episode Twenty-Third
23 Edge of Abyss - Gas vs Miki
Episode Information

Production Code123
Italian/Original TitleSull'orlo del baratro
English TitleOn the Edge of the Abyss
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 11, 2009
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The Tournament of Light and Dark officially begins with the Angel and Devil classes preparing to go head to head. Arkhan and Temptel explain the rules of four individual angel vs devil challenges, then one group challenge. Whichever side scores the most points wins. All of these matches will be decided by the Orb of Destiny (which, unbeknownst to them, is under Reina's control). And, to make the stakes higher, the side that wins the tournament will send one person of the opposing team home, never to return. This horrifies the angels, though Gabi agrees, stating that in his own time in school, one of his classmates was sent home after the angels lost to their devils. They also mention that new powers can be develop during the tournaments. The team that wins will give all its members the power of Projections to help in their duties. The devils are delighted and Misha tells them that in her years as an apprentice, her class defeated their angels.

The battle selections begin and the Orb of Destiny is called to make the pairings. The matches are Miki vs Gas, Dolce vs Cabiria, Urie vs Kabale and, to everyone's horror, Raf vs Sulfus. Temtpel worries about this but Arkhan defends that they can’t defy the orb. In Limbo, Reina gloats over her own manipulations.

Miki and Gas take the stage, with Gas the decider of the round. With a hint from Sulfus, he turns the arena into his favorite video game, a war game that Miki is distressed by. Gas starts things off by attacking her with Burger Fly, which she deflects using Wall Fly. She turns the table with her Sticker Fly, but Gas stops them, then uses a new power, Magnetic Force, to point all the missiles at her. With no way out, Miki concedes the fight. The first point goes to the devils.

The next battle is Dolce against Cabiria, in a fashion contest of Dolce's design. In the forest round, the angel gets top marks on the applause meter with her stunning fashion. However, Cabiria shocks the crowd with her wild-style prints and live animal accessories. Then, using a new power of Hypnosis, gets the audience clapping enough to win her the fight.

The devils have two points against the Angels, with one more needed to win them the tournament and dooming an angel to go home. Urie is determined to win her battle and, as she tells Raf, she'll have to win hers as well. Even against Sulfus.

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  • The Tournament of Light and Dark is taking place within the Challenge room, but the challenge simulations happen in an isolated dome rather than the entire room
  • The Projection power is mentioned for the first time within the animated series. However, it will not be used until the second season
    • In the original comics, Projection was an ability available to the students since they began their training
  • Misha talks about her own years spent studying at Golden School. Her class defeated the angels and won the tournament
    • It is unclear if Misha and Gabi studied during the same years or not. However, given that Gabi lost his tournament while Misha won hers, this might be a clue that they studied at the same time
  • While other students of the angel and devil classes appear within the Challenge room for the Tournament, none but the primary eight students actually participate
  • The background devil character sitting on the same row as the devils bears a strong resemblance to Mefisto, one of the original members of the Devil's Enemies in the original Angel Friends Comics. Likewise, a background angel that resembles Ang-Lì, an original comic member of the Angel's Friends, sits on the row with the angel students
  • The game that Gas turns the arena into for his battle against Miki is called "Gears of Battle".



  • Quake Fly
  • Burger Fly
  • Fat Fly
  • Magnetic Force


  • Wall Fly
  • Gummi Fly
  • Sticker Fly


  • Sound Fly
  • Video Fly


  • Night Fly
  • Wild Fly
  • Hypnosis


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  • Life is full of taking chances, never knowing what will be the results
  • Traditions and procedures are created so that one can plan for the unknown
  • Even the best laid plans can be ruined by the unpredictable


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