Innocent is the thirty-third of the first season of Angel's Friends

Season One, Episode Thirty-Third
Episode Information

Production Code133
Italian/Original TitleInnocenti
English TitleInnocent
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateFebruary 6, 2010
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The Serafini and the Malebolgie enter Raf's room, finding Sulfus at her bedside while she slumbers. They accuse both apprentices of shameful behavior and refuse to hear Sulfus's excuse. When all attempts to awaken the angel fail, they prepare to carry her off but the devils again intervene, saying that the rules require the school headmasters to be present before expulsion of students, handing over the school rule book. The messengers are weary of this, but agree to look for such a rule and leave them alone for the time being. Sulfus congratulates his friends for their quick thinking, though they reveal the "Rule" was just a lie to stall for time until the angel apprentices save them.

Arkan and Temptel are wearing down in their fight against the Pherox; the creatures seem never ending in their assault. Arkhan notices the video windows still opened and, theorizing their aid in Reina's escape and suggest he and Temptel use them as well. Putting their lives on the line, the teachers charge through the screens.

Urie, Miki, and Dolce and the angels are still battling Raf's chalk-monster memory block with little success. Urie calls out to Raf to remember what happened as its the only way to stop the monster, but all this does is disturb the dreamer more. As the slumbering angel calls out in her sleep, the devil apprentices assume the angels in her dreams aren't doing well. To aid the fight, Gas sends Kabale and Cabiria into Raf's mind to help out, just as the messengers return, fed up with their lies and ready to take the accused students away. The devils arrive in the classroom and, getting a run down of the situation, prepare to fight the monster.

As Sulfus is being dragged off, he fights his way back to Raf, placing a kiss of love on her hand. This action touches Gas, though only further shocks the messengers who finally drag the two away.

Inside Raf's mind, the kiss from Sulfus is enough to ease the dreamer's mind and open the path into her memories. The angels and devils watch as Dream-Sulfus chases Raf to the door of the Portrait room and both are bitten by the Black Spider, the catalyst of everything. Urie stops the camera there and the five eternals rematerialize in Raf's room where a photo of the Spider prints out for them to see, the proof they needed. But their friends are already gone.

Slung over the shoulder of a Serafini, Raf awakens to Sulfus's relief, though he's prevented from going to her by his own escorts. The angel girl fights against this treatment, while their friends, catching up to them, state their case. The messengers brush them off, beyond tired of all the lies. However, the Headmasters also appear and, with a word from them, cancel the expulsion and free their students. The apprentices cheer for their victory, though Sulfus and Raf are not quite free of all worries.

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  • Nightmares can feel like the combination of all fears and feelings of helplessness
  • Sometimes, reality can be even more terrifying than a bad dream


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