The High Spheres are the supreme leaders of Angie Town, they control the whole city and make the latest decisions over any case that centers with the Angels. At their service they have the Serafini. It is supposed that they were the ones who brough Raf to Angie Town, after her parents disappearence, and transformed her in an Angel. 

High Spheres

High Spheres

Rulers of Angie Town
First Appearence
Voiced by
Marina Thovez (Original/Italian Dub), Unknown (English Dub)


In Season 1, the High Spheres appeared in order to receive Professor Arkhan for he had to report what was happening so far with his students in the first year of the stage. When Arkhan began reporting Raf's situation, the High Spheres admitted that they knew Raf is a very talent Angel but next asked Arkhan what was worrying him so much. Later in the series, after Raf and Sulfus' sacrilege, the High Spheres sent to the Golden School the Serafini with a parchment with the words "Expulsion", ordering so Raf's expell from school. Arkhan visits them shortly after and asks him to let him enter the Limbo so he could find proves to save Raf from expulsion, the High Spheres allowed him to but warned they could not save him from that place if he got in trouble, for it was a place that not even powerful beings like them could reach.