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Rumors and Theories

  • Rumors are generally informations about the series but that show uncertain or unknown sources that is believed to be part of the series production. They usually refer to what will happen in future seasons, future characters, etc.
  • Theories are created by fans, based on things that have happened in the series and that they think might happen or might be in the future.

These two topics from above are allowed but must be specified as a "rumor" or as a "theory", depending on the situation. 

Examples for both topics:

  • It's rumored that a third season is already being planned.
  • It's theorized that Blu and Reina might be related because of how Blu wanted the key that later in the season would release Reina from her prision in the Limbo.

Spelling and Grammar


The following words don't need to be capitalized unless they are the beginning of a phrase: angel, devil, neutral, etc.


All descriptions must be impartial.

Incorrect: Raf is an angel with long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes.

Correct: Raf is an angel with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

Descriptive adverbs and adjectives with connotations that convey the author's bias or personal feeling should be left out. Beauty is a matter of opinion.

Original or Dubbed Names

Many characters in the english dubbed version have got their names directly translated from the original name, characters such as: Dolce whose name in english is Sweet or Blu whose name in english is Blue.

This Wiki centers the closest to the original version and so the names must be written as in the original version, in the Profile Infobox of the character it can be specified the change between of name between the original version and the english dub. 

Human or Earthly One?

Both sentences are correct for they mean exactly the same thing. The word Earthly One comes from the English Dub translated from the original/italian dub Terreni however using the word Human is also correct.

Episodes Articles

All the information needed can be found here:List of Angel's Friends Episodes, just go to the 5th content and click on "5.1 First Season (2009-2010)" and then on the left button [show].

The article should be written in this order:

  • Introduction: This is episode ____ of season ___. 
  • Synopsis: Be concise and to the point.
  • Major Events: Written in point form. Should be summarise if possible.
  • Debuts: List of characters that debut in the spoken episode
  • Characters: List of characters that appeared and SPOKE in the episode. Point-form.
  • Voice Cast: Original/Italian and English (if available) voice actors
  • Trivia: Curiosities of the episode
  • Attacks: All the attacks used in the spoken episode by ORDER of appearence
  • Quotes: Only quotes important to the events of the episode or extremely funny.
  • Mistakes: Mistakes of the episode, if there are any
  • Message: The message the episode pretended to give to the public
  • Episode: Video of the episode

Episode Infobox

Infoboxes should be written in this order:

  • Production code: It tells you what season and episode number is, 130 stands for "Season 1, Episode 30", 216 stands for "Season 2, Episode 16".
  • Italian Title: The original italian name. English translation should be in brackets.
  • English Title: The title of the English dub.
  • Italian Air Date: When the episode was released in Italy
  • Previous Episode: Write the original title, english translation in brackets, of the previous episode
  • Next Episode: Write the original title, english translation in brackets, of the next episode.


The images should have a good quality, it's not acceptable if it's too dark, too bright, too grainy, etc in which you can't see the details.

You can put pictures on the characters' infobox profile and also in the description of the characters' outfits, attacks, etc.

Pictures should be:

  • Official
  • Not made up
  • Colored correctly
  • No watermarks 


Example for the character profile pages

Raf Profile Picture.jpg

Pictures that are too small are not acceptable.

Acceptable size:

Acceptable size.jpg


Screenshots are mainly used for descriptions of clothes and attacks, there a few rules:

  1. Shouldn't have watermarks that cover most of the picture leaving it unclear
  2. They don't have got to have extreme good quality but it must be noticeable what the screenshot is about.
  3. Transformation screenshots can be somehow like the one bellow, worse quality than this one shouldn't be posted here.

When used in the clothes description, it should be used the "Thumbnail" option and not the full-size one.

Gallery Pages

Sections should include:


  • Full-body or half-body (until the waist or so if the outfit can't be seen clearly in full body) pictures


  • Headshot from infobox on article
  • Attacks


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