Face to Face with Reina is the forty-first episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Face to Face with Reina
Season One, Episode Forty-One
Episode Information

Production Code141
Italian/Original TitleFaccia a faccia con Reina
English TitleFace to Face with Reina
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateFebruary 21, 2010
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In the hidden room of the Mystery House, Reina calmly welcomes Raf and Sulfus, though they don’t feel as calm about meeting her. The apprentices both attack her, but she easily deflects their attempts while remarking on their similar fire powers. She tries to persuade them that she only wishes to talk, but they don’t believe this as Sulfus continues to assault her. She eventually overpowers him, pinning him under her Black Sphere and causing Raf to cry out. Reina bargains with the angel that she will release Sulfus if the two just listen to her, which she has no choice but to agree to.

Rather than discuss her crimes against them, Reina tells Raf she has been lied to by people other than herself. Raf thinks she means her lost friends who, as she points out, are still missing thanks to Reina. The former angel shows a vision of the other eternals back in the party hall with the humans, but with no memory of what has happened. Still not convinced by her act of peacefulness, Raf and Sulfus bring up her use of the Black Spider bite to have them fall in love. Reina denies this as the Spider was only designed to neutralize the effects of their breaking the VETO. Any romantic feelings they had were their own choice, an idea that amazes them.

She goes on to justify her actions were only to push the two to follow their desire to love one another, to be comfortable with their true selves regardless of what anyone thinks. Those who are against this desire, their Headmasters, are their true enemies. The students protest, stating that their teachers only punished them for committing a sacrilege which Reina thinks is uncalled for given the lack of negative consequences like the destruction caused by Tyco and Sai's kiss.

She continues to impress on them that Arkhan and Temptel have been lying, and Arkhan has been hiding a big secret from Raf, regarding the nature of her true identity. That is that Raf was not born an angel. She was born a human, on Earth.

Raf immediately accuses her of lying, but as she can't think up a reason for such a tale, she's stuck with this troubling thought. Reina dismisses them to return to their friends, whose memories she's cleared so they won't need to "explain "anything to them. Before they go, she tells Raf that should she wish to know more, she can always visit her and be given the whole truth.

Back at the party room, the apprentices have had no luck in finding Raf and Sulfus, who suddenly appear as if nothing happened. They give uninspired excuses for the absence and all decide to leave as their party is now over.

The following day, everything seems back to normal. Sulfus finds Raf in the school hallways to discuss what happened and while Raf thinks they should tell their teachers, Sulfus believes they should keep it a secret, not feeling as if they can trust their teachers or even their friends with this information. Raf defends that she trusts her best friends but he reminds her of the danger this could put them into, so she agrees not to speak of it. However, the idea that she might not have been born an angel is troubling to her.

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  • People fantasize about facing their enemies and paying back their cruel actions. But some enemies may know one better than they know themselves and might not even appear as a enemy when met up close.
  • Be careful what you wish for


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