Danièle's family is simple and yet complicated. Daniele lives with his father, a mechanic, whose name was never mentioned, Raf and Sulfus' new human sometimes helps out at the car repair shop owned by his father. Daniele has got two older brothers, Rocky and Tacio, who unlike Daniele and their father, are gangsters and sell drugs and that's why they have got more money than their father ever had in his life.

Daniele's mother never appeared or was ever mentioned in the cartoon, it is theorized that she might either have left her family or that she passed away.



Daniele father
Daniele's father's name is unknown but it is known that he is a family man who works hard on his garage to support his son's studies. He has got black hair, black bearb and brown eyes. He wears a blue coveralls and a grey shirt underneath. Daniele's father's first appearence was on the nineteenth episode of Season 2 when Daniele goes to the garage to tell his father about a school trip and that he doesn't have to worry about the price because the trip is cheap and he can afford the trip himself, however Daniele's father tells him he hoped instead that he would help him out in the garage. The second time he appears, Daniele's father shows up at his son's bedroom while he is debating with himself how he will have money to get a tuxedo for the Spring Dance, his father saves his life when he shows up with his own tuxedo that he used when he was younger but despite the years that have gone by since he last used it, it's pretty much new.

Rocky and Tacio

Rocky and Tacio are Daniele's older brothers and unlike Daniele and their father, they are not honest people, instead they are gangster and sell drugs in order to get money, they love to rub in Daniele's face that the money they make with their little business is more than their father could ever get with his garage. Despite this, Daniele still considers them his brothers and still hopes that they will go to the right path and find a job.
Daniele brothers

Rocky is the oldest of the brothers, he has got dark brown hair, brown bearb and hazel eyes. He usually has got black sunglasses on the top of his head and wears a blue shirt and grey pants. He algo has got a black tattoo on his right arm.

Tacio is the second oldest of the brothers, he has got strawberry blond hair and light green eyes. He usually wears a blue and yellow shirt and dark grey pants.

It is theorized that Rocky and Tacio aren't their real names.