"Maybe now you have learned that betting is for losers!"
— To Brutus after he scolds her for cheering for Raf

Brutus' Girlfriend

Brutus' Girlfriend

Voiced by
Unknown (Original/Italian)
Unknown (English Dub)
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Brutus (Boyfriend)

Brutus' Unamed Girlfriend is a devil that accompanies Brutus anywhere he goes.

Appearence Edit

She has got pale skin, curly blonde hair, red lips and lilac eyes. She wears a black top and matching shorts, a dark red, short jacket. On her left arm she wears a red armband with a bright green bracelet and on her right arm she wears a lilac armband with a bright green bracelet and two purple ones. She also wears long lilac socks and dark red boots. Around her waist she uses a purple belt with a matching colored heart shaped buckle with red devil wings. She also wears a bright green necklace. She has got three lilac circle shaped marks on the left side of her face. Her horns and wings are bright red.

Personality Edit

She appears to be the usual puppy-like/slave girlfriend but knows how and when to stand for herself even though she does everything Brutus tells her to do.

She does get angry at Brutus when she is put aside and has no right to speak when he puts their relationship at cause, giving the idea that they aren't exactly a real couple.

Series Edit

Brutus' Girlfriend supports him when he interveins in the conversation between Raf and the Devil Barman about the map to the Temple of V.E.T.O stating that her boyfriend knows everything about Zolfanello City. Later she tells the Angels that Brutus loves games of chance but soon enough scolds him for trying to make Raf his personal slave with the bet, asking him if she isn't enough for him. When the motorbike race is about to start, she hands him his helmet but refuses to wish him good luck. After Raf wins the race, she cheers for the winner only to be scolded by her boyfriend to which she answers that he should know that betting is for losers.