"That's right! But if I win the bet, and I'm sure I will, you will have to become my personal slave!"
— Brutus challenging Raf



Voiced by
Unknown (Original/Italian)
Unknown (English Dub)
Age (at first appearence):
Himself, Zolfanello City
First Appearence

Brutus is a devil that loves games of chance and challenges. He holds the information to find the devils' map to the Temple of V.E.T.O.


He has pale skin, dark blue eyes and orange and dark orange hair and has a goatee. He wears a dark blue, slate blue and light yellow long-sleeved jacket, he also wears a purple shirt underneath; a grey belt with a golden skull-shaped buckle; pale purple pants and dark blue and grey troop like boots. He has got three piercings on each ear and an orange mark on his left cheek. His horns are dark blue and his wings pale red.


Like a devil usually is, Brutus is a rude, selfish, over confident and uncaring devil. He loves games of chance, challenges and is usually playing darts at the Rainbow Crypt.

Despite all of that, Brutus is a devil of word and fulfills his promises even if it is relutanctly.


Brutus interveins in conversation between Raf and the Devil Barman after she asks the older devil about how to find the map to the Temple of V.E.T.O. After the angels rudely answering him, Brutus' Girlfriend states that Brutus knows everything about Zolfanello City and Brutus states that all he wants is something in return for the information. Over confident, Brutus tells the Angels that none of them has what it takes to beat him in his little challenge. He then challenges Raf into a motorbike race stating that if she wins, he will tell them the information about the map but if he wins, and stating with confidence that he will, Raf must become his personal slave. Cheating by starting the race before the count to 3, Brutus tries to do everything to make Raf lose the motorbike challenge however he ends up losing. When the angels demand him to fulfill his promise and tell them about the map, Brutus does so but states that they won't like to know where it is. He then wishes them good luck.


  • Brutus' name is possibly a reference to the name of one of Julius Caesar's assassins: Marcus Junius Brutus.
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