FatefulWinds FatefulWinds 14 November 2020

Season 1 Episode Page now Public!

Hello everyone,

I've made some updates on the Season 1 episode list page. The biggest change is that it is now in a table form to hopefully make it easier to find the episode information you want. But equally important is that I'm letting it now be open to the general public to make edits. 

This was my first time playing with tables and appearances, so I apologize if it looks a little odd. I hope someone with more knowledge about wikia editing might help bring up the look of it.

Once this page starts coming together, I'll update Season 2 as well.

Thanks everybody!

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Arianna2516 Arianna2516 14 August 2020

New leadership

Hello everyone,

As you may have noticed, several pages in this wiki remain incomplete and don't allow other users to edit and expand them. This is because only the founder and current administrator of the wiki (Eleanor Devil) is allowed to edit the pages they created. I left a message on the admin's talk page asking them to give users permission to edit the pages but was informed that they are no longer active. I have tried to find if there are other bureaucrats that are still active but had no luck finding that information. I think that in order to help this wiki grow, we will need an active administrator that will allow other users to edit.

I have asked other active users to consider adopting the wiki but have received no response so far. …

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Tycio Tycio 20 December 2019


This channel is where I learned about the show. I set to record it but then my free demo of the channel ended so I never got to see it, but I am still notified of when it airs.

Right now I can see 2 dates, both at 6pm to 6:30pm EST on 30 January 2019 and 31 January 2019. The summary listed in "Young angels-in-training go to Earth and fight devils."

I believe NTDTV only airs programs tailored for Chinese viewers, though I am not sure if it is Mandarin or Cantonese.

I really wish an English dub was broadcast in Canada too :(

Same setup with "The Legendary Witches". I couldn't find a wiki for that so I just made one at w:c:tLW

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FatefulWinds FatefulWinds 22 June 2018

Some Voices for the English Dub


So, after some extensive research and cross-comparisons across several animated series produced by Mondo, I think I've managed to come up with a few extra voice actors for some of the characters. I'll try to find more, but here is what I have:

Dave Wills - the male human teacher from Golden school

Cassandra Lee Morris - Ginevra (Jennifer)

Veronica Taylor - Angelie (Raf's mother) and the High Spheres

Jason Yudoff - Terrence (the angel teacher); William (Sara J's rival/love interest) and Andrea (Andrew)(though I'm not as sure)

Wayne Grayson - Gabi (Gabe) (Angel student)

James Aaron Neil - Kubral (Devil teacher/general from season 2)

Brian Munn - Edoardo (Edward)

If anyone else has any ideas, please add in.

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Laika is my angel OC. I will ise her later in a fanfic wich will also be in a blog. 

Appearance: Laika has syrup colored skin, blue eyes, and bladk hair. Her outfit is a short blue dress with green streaks.


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Kyouko-neechan Kyouko-neechan 14 February 2018

Angel's friends

Hi, I'm from Italy namely the place where angel's friend's is born. We don't even have the second season but if you sign this petition we'd be able to continue angel's friend's. This is the link to the petition: https://www.change.org/p/rai-petizione-della-2-serie-di-angel-s-friends-in-italiano/w?source_location=petition_show Please, help us!

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Shades2014 Shades2014 7 January 2016

Plot important episodes?

Hi there everyone.  When a guy I'm subscribed to mentioned it, I got curious and tried to check out the Angel's Friends movie (and am contemplating reviewing it myself, depends on how well he does it) but I feel I'm missing some things, so!  For me to understand what happened to get us to the movie, are there any episodes in specific I need to watch?  Or do I need to watch all of them?

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Eleanor Devil Eleanor Devil 4 June 2014

Angel's Friends main page layout

Hello Angel Frienders! 

Well as you can see I changed (again XD) the layout of the Wiki's main page, sometimes I just like to try out a new look however I think I didn't come out the way I wished. I'm open to suggestions and ideas for new layouts! I always like to try out new things even if the codes aren't the easiest thing to work with..

Another thing, yesterday I worked on a new logo for the wikia

What do you think about it?? I really like it however I don't know if it's my browser or if it's really the wiki's problem but it won't let me change the logo =( 

Also does anyone know what's the code to change the text on the Search bar? I wanted to change the 'Search' text to something like 'Search Angel's Library' or something..oh! and one more…

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