Basilisco is Sulfus's mascot 



Activate Sulfus's metamorphosis
Resting Place
Sulfus' tattoo on his right arm
Coral Snake


Basilisco is a red, black and light yellow coral snake with small black eyes. He has got a red star around his left eyes just like his owner. He is probably around the same size of a normal coral snake.



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Basilisco plays a more active role on the first half of the season. More coming soon..


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Abilities and Skills

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  • Whenever he is talking, all that it's heard are 'Shht' but all the time only Sulfus understands what he is saying
  • Basilisco, has seen a couple of times, appears to be Sulfus' best friend and listener too. Sometimes he scolds Sulfus for his behaviours.
  • At the beginning of Season 1 it was suspected that only Sulfus, like everyone else with their own mascots, could understand what Basilisco says. This is confirmed on 1x25 when both Cox and Basilisco show up before their owners and talk to them but both the owners ask each other what their mascots just said to them.
  • Basilisco's english name is Basilisk
  • The name Basilisco is the translation of the english word 'Basilisk' which in legends was claimed to be a legendary reptile, reputed to be the king of serpents. On the book "Il Mondo di Angel's Friends", Sulfus says that the devils city is filled with poisonous snakes, all of them are friends of Basilisco, which might mean that Basilisco might rule the serpents in the city.
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