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Angelie is Malachia's wife and Raf's real mother who only appears (physically) in the last episodes of Season 1 and on Season 2. Her voice though is heard for the first time 1x47. She disappeared in a vortex while playing with baby Raf in the garden of the Mistery House, Paris. Since then she has been in an eternal sleep in a glass coffin and it is only known her location on Season 2, which is under the Golden School



Voiced by
Unknown (Original/Italian)
Veronica Taylor (English Dub)
Age (at first appearence)
Earth, Paris
First Appearence
Malachia (Husband)
Raf (Daughter)

Personality and Traits

Angelie has got long and curly blonde hair with a red tuft, blue eyes and red lips. 

Angelie is a kind, sweet, understanding and very motherly woman. She cares deeply for her daughter and also seems to have a special care towards Sulfus.



Around 1800, Angelie had always been a special woman, she, herself, never understood quite well why she had these special abilities but she used them for good. She was able to stop the war between France and England having created a peace agreement between the two countries. She seems to have the ability to heal wounds that appear to be incurable, though this ability hasn't been shown yet in the cartoon.

Because of the ability to create peace agreements and to stop wars before they even begun, Angelie was kidnapped by Cassidy and Kubral while she was playing in the gardens of the Mistery House, in Paris, with her baby daughter, Raf. In the first version of her kidnapping, Angelie had been taken, in front of her husband, by a mysterious typhoon and was able to save her daughter by leaving her on the ground. In the second version and apparently the official one, she was taken by a mysterious blue light coming from the sky, however in this version it wasn't Angelie who saved Raf by leaving her on the grass but the light itself only aimed for Raf's mother, sending the baby girl to the grass and as Angelie was taken into the skies, little Raf called for her mother.

Because Angelie was special, all Angels and Devils knew who she was, and she was the one who was actually able to keep at peace Earth, Cassidy and Kubral thought that if they kidnapped her, Angels and Devils would accuse each other and war between them would start once again. However when that was about to happen, the High Spheres and Low Spheres created the Temple of V.E.T.O which forced the war between both species to end. Cassidy and Kubral decided then to wait and use Angelie as a hostage for later plans.

Angelie barely appeared on Season 1, her first appearence was only her voice and for a short time on "War Atmosphere" where she communicated for the first time with her daughter after Raf had lost the battle against Reina in the Golden School and was knocked unconscious. When Raf first heard her voice, she told her to go away and let her be but Angelie answered that she had been the one who came to her, Raf asked her who she was and if she knew her and Angelie told her that she would find the answer deep in her heart and to believe in herself so everything would be clear and one day they would meet in a place with no shadows.

Her second appearence was physically and it was on Malachia's tail when he told to his daughter who Angelie was and how she disappeared, in that episode the first scene of her disappearence was shown. Raf also reveals that she believes it was her voice that she hears sometimes in her head.

The third and fourth times she appeared were in the last episode of the season. In one it was only her voice for a second where she calls her daughter before she wakes up from three-day sleep. And the second it's finally shown that she is being kept by mysterious characters, whose voices are the only thing heard in that time, in a glass coffin.

Angelie appears in almost every episode of Season 2, however until 2x42 she only appears sleeping in the glass coffin, speaking only once in 2x21, "The Gorth Castle - Part 1", with Sulfus to warns him that the enemies want to use Raf for their own good and the only way for him to escape and help her is to use the heart as a weapon, which leaves the Devil somehow confused.

After Sulfus' escapes his prision underneath the Golden School and tries to show everyone the hideout of the enemies and also where Raf's mother is hidden, the place is completely destroyed and filled with sand. Angelie's glass coffin was moved into a cave somewhere in a mountain.

Angelie finally wakes up on 2x42 from her eternal sleep after Raf used her Angelic Star to defeat the enemies, save Sulfus and free herself from a glass prision made by Blu. Consequently it broke the V.E.T.O's scale and the glass of Angelie's coffin. After Cassidy, Kubral and Blu left the Temple of V.E.T.O, Angelie approaches the unconscious Raf and Sulfus and caresses their heads.

Later, Angelie returns to the Golden School with Sulfus who is carrying a still unconscious Raf in his arms and after a short talk with her daughter's friends, they take Raf and Sulfus to the Golden School to get them healed. Raf wakes up from her sleep and sees Angelie, mother and daughter hug and have their together moment after long years of separation. Raf's mother then tells everyone her story and how she has got special powers and why she was kidnapped, revealing as well who is behind the masks of the enemies: Cassidy and Kubral.

Angelie supports Raf and Sulfus when they tell Arkhan and Temptel that they want to go challenge Cassidy and Kubral in order to try to stop war from starting now that the V.E.T.O is gone. However Angelie feels a pain in her heart when Kubral almost attacks Raf with his horse.

Until the battles between her daughter's friends and the enemies' armies are over, including the final battle against Cassidy and Kubral themselves, Angelie stands outside the Golden School, in the rain, looking at the dark sky with a worried look.

She makes her final appearence in the season shortly after Raf and Sulfus send back the comet into the space, floating above the clouds and close to the unconscious lovers.


Angelie wears a white victorian-like, long sleeved shirt, a dark long greyish-blue skirt with a belt and black boots. Before she disappeared, she also wore a white and red victorian-like hat, typical from the time of where she lived.

Angelie 2.jpg



With this power, Angelie is able to communciate with other people through her mind. Her daughter has inherited this power.


With this ability, Angelie is able to fly just like a normal eternal, with the difference that she hasn't got wings. She usually has got a blue aura surrounding her whenever she uses this ability.


  • Raf is a copy of her mother in every way, apparently not having any physical trait from her father, Malachia
  • Due to her special abilities, Angelie is able to see all eternals
  • Angelie seems to know very much about the eternal world
  • Angelie used to tickle Raf in the neck, in the place of her bell-shaped birthmark, when she was little