Here can be found all the clothes Sulfus has wore among the seasons and movie.

Note: For the description of Sulfus' Eternal and Prisma Fly outfits, check out his profile

Season 1

Earthly One - First Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Fly with her own Wings"

Sulfus is dressed as a deliver boy, he wears a sleeveless orange jacket, underneat is a dark blue long sleeved shirt, matching pants, black shoes. He also wears fingerless black gloves and an orange cap, around his neck is hanging a small communication radio. His usual star tattoo is also there.

Earthly One - Second/Third Outfit

Sulfus wears the same outfit the second and third time he transforms. He uses this outfit in the episodes "Protection" and "Life on Earth"

He wears a dark blue jacket, a red and bluish grey shirt underneath whose sleeves go slight past his elbows,a white and blue belt, jeans, hanging from his pants down to the beginning of his legs are three bluish grey strings and wears grey shoes. His nails are painted in black, his star tattoo is also present, around his right wrist is a bluish grey bracelet and around his left wrist is a red bracelet, both matching the colors of his shirt. Finally he also uses his usual spike grey necklace.

Earthly One - Fourth Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Prisioners of Heart"

He wears a brown explorer styled waistcoat, a grey shirt with the sleeves going down his upperarms, a white skull pin around his neck, light blue jeans, black shoes with a yellow stripe on each side. On his right wrist is a red bracelet while on his left wrist is a spike black bracelet.

Earthly One - Fifth Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "From Sunset to Sunrise"

He wears an orange rescuer outfit, a red helmet with a lantern inside it.


Sulfus uses this outfit in the episodes "24 Hours" and "Regaining the Earthly Ones"

He wears a dark blue and dark grey biker outfit, around his upperarms, chest and back is a yellow stripe which match the stripe around his red gloves. To finish he uses dark grey boots with a dark red stripe around each of them.

Earthly One - Sixth Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Threats on the Horizon"

He is dressed as a workman, he wears a dirty dark grey, sleeveless, shirt, a red jacket wrapped around his waist, orange pants and a matching helmet. His hair is caught in a low ponytail and his star tattoo remains. To finish he uses blue and white gloves on each hand.

Earthly One - Seventh Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Dangerous Shortcuts"

He is dressed as a basketball fan, he wears Golden School's grey and red basketball player t-shirt with the black and white logo, underneath a grey shirt whose sleeves go until his upperarms, black shoes with a yellow stripe on each side, a white and red cap with the white and red logo on it as well. On his wrists are red bracelets. He also uses a necklace.


Sulfus uses this outfit in the episodes "Mystery Party" and "Little Sweet...or Little Trick?"

The angel outfit consists in a white and golden jacket with baggy sleeves, the sleeves are decorated with golden marks and wings, it also has got a golden zipper. Around his waist is a dark blue belt with a golden buckle. He uses long blue jeans with golden marks and wings similar to those on the sleeves, the tips of his pants are golden as well and he also uses dark blue shoes. Around his neck is a dark blue necklace. Sulfus' angel wings and halo is a bright blue almost white just like the ones the 100% Guardian Angels have got after completing their stage.


Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Forever Together"

Sulfus' groom outfit is a dark blue jacket with a red rose on the right flap, a purple waistcoat with a matching tie and a dark grey shirt. He uses dark blue pants and black shoes. The red star remains in his right eye.

Angel's Friends: Between Dream and Reality


Sulfus' mecanic outfit consists of a yellow, grey and red overalls, his sleeves are rolled up and uses matching tennis with the same colors of the outfit.

Masquerade Party

At the Masquerade Party, Sulfus wears a dark blue, almost black tuxedo. A dark blue jacket, a light grey waistcoat and a matching lace around his neck and underneath the jacket and waistcoat a white shirt. His pants are the same color as  his jacket  and his hoes are black. His hair in caught in a short and middle ponytail.

His mask reminds the hats the Jesters always used for it has the shape of the hats. The mask is mainly dark blue and light blue separated by pale brown stripes, the edges of the mask have got tiny spheres of the same color as the pale brown stripes. His star tattoo disappears.


Sulfus wears a short-sleeved greyish-blue and dark grey shirt, dark blue and greyish-blue shorts and matching dark blue slippers

Challenge 1 - Mountain Biker

In this challenge, Sulfus uses a dark blue, short-sleeved shirt, long dark blue and dark red, fingerless gloves, dark blue shorts, dark blue, grey and red kneecaps, dark blue, white and dark red tennis. To finish, he has got a dark blue and dark red helmet.

Summer School

Sulfus' Summer School outfit is a long sleeved black and red wine shirt separated by thin lines of white from his neck running down his arms and chest. In the middle of the shirt is a light blue space and the picture of a shield shaped symbol with the initials "SC" and a sun rising under the letters. His pants are long and baggy in the end, they are green with pockets on the beginning and sides, the pants also have got a darker shade of green forming big circles around the knee. The shoes are white. His star tattoo disappears once more. 

Challenge 2 - Rafting Racer

In this challenge, Sulfus uses a light grey, with a blue zipper, long-sleeved shirt, a dark grey and dark red waistcoat, dark grey pants and a matching dark grey and dark red helmet. 

Romeo and Juliet Play

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Season 2


Sulfus' wears the same biker outfit he has wore on Season 1 while transformed in a Earthly One

Earthly One - First Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Earthling Alarm - Part 2"

He is dressed as a piano repairman, he uses blue dungarees, a grey shirt with long sleeves underneath, dark blue and grey shoes. His star tattoo is gone.


Sulfus wears this outfit in the episode "Foolish Pride - Part 2"

He has used this outfit before in the movie with the difference that in the movie he was in his Eternal form and in the episode he is in his Earthly One form and his star tattoo has disappeared.

Earthly One - Second Outfit

Sulfus uses this outfit in the episode "Friends Forever - Part 2"

He is dressed as a photographer, he wears a pale lilac shirt, a black jacket, jeans and pale lilac shoes. His star tattoo is gone like in all of his outfits from Season 2.


Personification consists in spending a day together with rival of the opposite team dressed up as their Earthly One. Eternals must act exactly the same way as their Earthly One does. In Sulfus' case, his Earthly One doesn't possess any money therefore neither does he.

Sulfus' Personification outfit is an orange shirt covered by a long-sleeved bluish grey jacket, the hood is light blue, she wears also long blue pantaloon, the sneakers are white and orange. His hair has the same hairstyle as he always wears. Wrapped around his left wrist is the dark red projection bracelet. 


Sulfus' gymnastic outfit is a long-sleeved dark grey jacket with matching long dark grey pants and sneakers. On each arm, from the shoulder to the wrist is a light grey line, the same goes on each side of the legs. Designed on both left and right sides of his arms, wrists and legs are light grey wings with three pointy feathers. The lower part of the sneakers are white and the remaining part is dark grey. On the right side of his chest is a small white skull.

Field Trips

Sulfus' field trips outfits are very similar to the one he uses in the Personification only with the difference that the colors constantly change and a few acessories are added.

On the field trip to Paris, Sulfus wears a white shirt covered by a long-sleeved olive drab jacket, the hood is dark goldenrod, long grey pantaloon, white and dark goldenrod sneakers.

On the field trip to Istambul, Sulfus wears a white shirt covered by a long-sleeved red jacket, the hood is pale lilac, long dark blue pantaloon, white and red sneakers. He also uses a pair of pale lilac sunglasses.

On the field trip to Rome, Sulfus wears a white shirt covered by a long-sleeved cerulean blue jacket, the hood is yellow, olive pantaloon, white and cerulean blue sneakers. He also uses a cerulean blue hat.

In all the trips he brings with him a dark red and grey shoulder bag with dark blue and beige designs such as skulls and triangles.

Spring Dance

The one who wears the spring dance outfit isn't Sulfus himself but his clone instead. The clothes consist on a tuxedo with a white shirt, purple jacket and pants, a matching purple lace around his neck, a red rose on the left brim of the jacket and another one on the pocket of the same side of the jacket. His star disappears and his hair remains with the same style but has got a lilac tuft, which is the mark that differs the real Sulfus from the clone. 


Sulfus' wears the same outfit as in the Halloween outfit, with the difference this time he uses a brown wig with a blue tuft.

Final Year Party

Sulfus' Final Year Party are very simple, they consist in a short-sleeved celestial blue shirt, underneath is a grey shirt, a white losen tie. On his left wrist are two bracelets, one is celestial blue and the other is dark blue. He also wears pale dark blue pants. His shoes aren't able to be seen but they are possibly tennis.