Alessia is one of the minor characters of the old comic series. She is Raoul's younger sister and lives with their mother for their parents are divorced. She is the human assigned to Gabi and Cabiria



Protected and Tempted by
Likes chemistry
Raoul (older brother)

Personality and Traits

Alessia has got red hair caught in two braids and brown eyes. She usually wears a yellow and green hat with three pins on it, a red scarf with yellow balls, a long-sleeved green and yellow shirt that only goes halfway down her chest, and shows her midriff, long jeans with an orange belt and other accessories and green boots.

Alessia is a tender girl however she also tends to be explosive, quick-tempered, quarrelsome: she can go from laughing to fighting in less than a minute. She can also be sort of tomboy. She lives with her mother and suffers in secret with the divorce of her parents and she is not very good at school. Her brother, Raoul, is her only support.


  • The name "Alessia" is original from Greece and Italy
  • The name "Alessia" means "Defense" which sort of matches with the fact Alessia is always getting into fights to defend herself.
  • In the trailer of the first cartoon idea, Alessia is only seen as a background character along with Ginevra and Mara