24 Hours is the twenty-second episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

24 Hours
Season One, Episode Twenty-Second
22 24 Hours - Jealousy
Episode Information

Production Code122
Italian/Original TitleVentiquattro ore
English Title24 Hours
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 10, 2009
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In the late evening, Urie has finally been discharged from the infirmary after her run in with the Pherox. She's greeted by Raf who declares that the room wasn't the same without her. Cabiria has also been discharged and, the following morning, she is gifted with breakfast in bed by an equally delighted Kabale. However, before she can dig in, Sulfus comes to bring them to the Challenge room on Temptel's orders.

In the challenge room, the devils meet the angels and their headmasters who tell them to prepare for the Tournament of Light and Dark to be hosted tomorrow. The teachers are vague, but say only that the tournament will pit the angels against the devils. They give the students 25 hours to prepare in whatever ways that they wish, they leave them to prepare for it.

In Limbo, Reina is annoyed by this change, knowing that the teachers implemented the Tournament early as a way to combat her. Malachia points out that, as Gabi and Misha will be unable to be close to Raf and Sulfus, it impacts Reina's jealousy plan. The Neutral being decides that, to have her way, she'll need to take over the tournament herself by taking control of its guiding force: The Orb of Destiny. They watch the Headmasters remove the orb from the Room of Portraits where Reina swears they can one day enter, then sends Malachia to go and swap the real orb with her fake one.

With the angels, they discuss their plans to prepare for the Tournament, Urie wants them to do gymnastics with her, but Dolce refuses as she finds it "boring". She also refuses Miki's choice to study in the library and instead plans to go shopping. Though, as she explains, she wants to walk among the humans to revitalize her fighting spirit. Raf is the only one without any ideas of how to study. Gabi offers to help her out, mentioning that he competed in the tournament when he was an apprentice and won his own fight, but Raf turn him down and goes off on her own to his heartbroken distress.

At he front of the school, Sulfus hops on his motorbike, ignoring Misha's statement that he needs to stay with her, and drives away. Misha, annoyed by this, goes to inquire of his whereabouts to the other devils. Though she states that she just worries about his wellbeing, Kabale and Cabiria see through her and tease her for her crush, leading the Guardian to storm off. Their group also splits up to prepare while Kabale spies Urie on the basketball court and challenges her to a match. The angel wholeheartedly agrees and they transform into human forms to play.

At the same time, Miki is in the library working on her spells while Cabiria arrives with a wobbling stack of books. Dolce finds Gas in the mall, trying to put on more weight for the tournament. Urie and Kable tie their game, then agree to stop as they should both rest up for the tournament.

Off on his own, Sulfus is thinking about Raf and that he'll have to go head-to-head with her, though he's not certain if he'll have the will to fight her. Raf, who's sitting alone on the beach where she and Sulfus shared their special moment, is thinking of Sulfus. She's found by Gabi who sits beside her, admitting that he can’t manage to stay away form her lately. She thinks he's just kidding around. Neither notice Sulfus, who's parked his bike on the same beach, watching them with jealousy in his eyes. Misha arrives and sees his distress, gloating that she was right in his not really being over Raf. Before he can leave, she convinces him they should give the angel couple a "show" of their own.

As the angels are still looking at the sunset over the water, they are interrupted when Misha and Sulfus run by, playing chase in the surf and seeming totally infatuated. This gets to Raf who storms off, claiming a need to rest and prepare for tomorrow's tournament. Gabe follows after her while Sulfus can only watch them go.

That night, Malachia sneaks into the Challenge room where the professors have left the Orb of Destiny unattended and he switches it with the fake Reina created. Reina prepares to make this tournament "unforgettable".

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  • Urie and Cabiria officially return after their poisoning from the Pherox
  • Ginevra has recovered from her cold
  • It's revealed that Cabiria and Kabale share a dorm
  • Gabi mentions his time studying in the Golden School when they had the Tournament of Light and Dark. He comments in this episode that he won his own match, though later reveals in "On the Edge of the Abyss" that his class ultimately lost their tournament to the devils


No attacks were used this episode.


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  • Waiting is a common part of life. It can be difficult, but best spent by being productive
  • Waiting can be very nerve-wracking


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