War Atmosphere is the forty-seventh episode of the first season of Angel's Friends.

War Atmosphere
Season One, Episode Forty-Seven
Episode Information

Production Code147
Italian/Original TitleAria di guerra
English TitleWar Atmosphere
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateMarch 7, 2010
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As she lays dazed from Reina's attack, Raf is visited in her mind by a mysterious voice. It tells her to believe in herself and that some day, they will meet. Raf awakens to Sulfus calling her, together in the now emptied Portrait Room. Arkan and Temptel soon arrive and, seeing the Earthly One's portraits all missing, are aghast to learn they've been stolen by Reina.

In her home, Reina fawns over her now recreated Portrait Room as her dreams to control humanity is now realized. Malachia, however, is worried that the angels and devils will surely attack them to retrieve the portraits, though she's unconcerned.

The angel apprentices soon realize that all the humans are missing from the school and are sure that the devils are behind it. They locate Ginevra who has a dazed look in her eyes that worries them. Cabiria arrives, telling them something is up and insisting she didn't do it though Urie tests this by transforming and trying to speak to the human. She gains no response and the other devils confirm the rests of the humans are in a similar trance-like state. The entire city is at a standstill and fully silent, leaving the apprentices at a loss for what's happening.

Being summoned back to the school, they are informed by Arkhan and Temptel of Reina's thievery, stealing the free will of all the humans and turning them into zombies. When they question how she could have entered the Portrait Hall, attention turns to Raf who explains her actions by the reveal of her human origin, to everyone's surprises. She then proceeds to chew out Arkhan for never telling her, shooting down his pitiful excuses and leaves without listening to the protest of Sulfus or her friends.

With war on the horizon, Arkhan and Temptel must report to the High and Low Spheres to take command of the Angelic and Diabolic Battalions for a march on Reina's abode, to reclaim the portraits. The students are forbidden to leave school grounds, though can watch the battle from their classrooms.

Reina is excited for the coming war, though Malachia is concerned when she puts him in charge of fighting both armies when they arrive.

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