Sacrifice is the fiftieth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends.

Season One, Episode Fifty
Episode Information

Production Code150
Italian/Original TitleSacrificio
English TitleSacrifice
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateMarch 20, 2010
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As night falls, Raf recalls what she's learned from Reina so far, realizing that she need Reina's ever-present key before she can find the room containing the portraits. As Reina goes to bed, Raf calls on Cox to help her, using Think Fly to guide him into Reina's bedroom. There, the woman is in a deep sleep, having nightmares over her deeds as she declares she did it all for the love of Malachia.

They eventually find the key they need under Reina's sheets and steal it away into Raf's possession. With this task complete, Raf finds the portrait hall and intents to have her friends help retrieve them. However, she's found by Malachia who distrusted her from the start and is determined to rat her out to Reina. While they battle in the portrait room, Malachia uncovers his own portrait and finally realizes he's been nothing but a puppet to Reina all along. As he remembers who he was before falling under Reina, he begs for Raf's forgiveness, sharing a heartfelt hug that confuses her with its strong emotions. Malachia then reveals he has vital information about her true parentage, declaring that Reina's previous stories were all lies. In actuality, Malachia himself is Raf's true father.

Their conversation is cut off by Reina's enraged exclamations, having found her key stolen by Raf. The angel and human flee from her fury, though she has the house trap them within while she sets the pherox after them. Despite this, Malachia knows a secret way out and they rush to his alchemist lab where he brews a potion to reveal their escape route. As he works, he tells her more about their history as a family though she has trouble believing this. He explains what happened to her mother, Angelie, who was swept away in a mysterious force and lost forever. After that, Malachia fell into a depression, hating everyone except his precious daughter, Raf.

Raf is outraged for Reina's lies as she was the one who took her father from her, though he assumes it was the High Spheres who made up for this injustice by making her an angel. Raf also realizes that she's had contact with Angelie before, through her mind. The conversation is ended as the pherox are digging their way in. With his potion completed, Malachia uses it to reveal a secret exit to the outside, but they're surrounded by the Pherox and confronted by Reina who demands key back. When Raf refuses, Reina blasts the Black Sphere at her but Malachia takes the hit, giving Raf time to slip away. Distraught by the attack on her father, Raf flees with the key while Malachia, his last deed done, fades away.

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