Life in Danger is the nineteenth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

Life in Danger
Season One, Episode Nineteen
19 Life in Danger - Urie and Cabiria Defend
Episode Information

Production Code119
Italian/Original TitleVite in pericolo
English TitleLife in Danger
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 5, 2009
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The angels and devils watch over the human students while waiting for the celestial and human teachers to come up with a plan for their stranded situation. Matteo approaches Giulia and Elena with a plan to venture into The Caves of Obscurity secretly, just to say they went in. Ginevra is still in danger from her fever while the human teachers still can’t call out for assistance. Reina reaches out with her magic, causing a purple rain that effects even the eternal ones, forcing the humans to shelter. Most flee to their bus but Matteo and the twins go for the caves, forcing Raf, Sulfus, and their guardians to follow. A rockslide caused by Malachia caves in the entrance, separating Gabi and Misha from their charges now trapped in the cave with their humans. The residue of Reina's rain has cursed the rocks so that the spirts cannot phase through them and Sulfus and Raf journey with their earthly ones deeper into the caves.

On the outside, the remaining angels and devils ponder the strange glow that prevents their entry to the caves, worried for Raf and Sulfus being together without supervision. The professors deduct this to be the act of a powerful being, while Reina is unfazed by their discovery of her. She orders Malachia to attack Raf and Sulfus in the caves. Though she now has them in a secluded atmosphere, she still wants to make them suffer like everyone else.

Inside of the caves, the lost group wanders by a beautiful pool where they all decide to take a short swim. While Arkhan tries to figure out a way in, the Pherox have been unleashed and stampede towards the bus. Dolce holds them off but two escape inside where the humans are hiding. Raf and Sulfus have joined in with their humans for a swim and to their surprise, find that the humans can now see them; the ethereal light of the cave crystals reveal their invisibility. The two Pherox that escaped into the bus attack Urie and Cabiria, infecting them with a poison that sends them reeling. Worried for the girls, Arkhan and Temptel put their students in charge of protecting the humans while they take the injured back to school to find an antidote and a way to defeat the Pherox.

Raf senses Urie's distress and leads the group back to shore, but she and Elena are grabbed pulled down into the lake by a sea monster.

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  • The will to decide your own actions, for good or for bad, is a precious gift.


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