From Sunset to Sunrise is the twentieth episode of the first season of Angel's Friends

From Sunset to Sunrise
Season One, Episode Twentieth
20 From Sunset to Sunrise - The White Sphere
Episode Information

Production Code120
Italian/Original TitleDal tramonto all'alba
English TitleFrom Sunset to Sunrise
Alternative TitleN/A
Italian Air DateNovember 6, 2009
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Dolce is exhausted from holding the pherox and collapses while Gas, likewise, isn't strong enough to contain them. At the same time, Urie, Cabiria, and Ginevra are all in grave danger from their illnesses. Within the Cave of Obscurity, Sulfus attacks the sea monster and rescues Elena , though Raf is still its prisoner. The Pherox press their attack toward the human students but the Guardian Devil and Angel intervene. Misha lures the monsters away from the humans while Gabi follows for battle support.

The eternals arrive back at the Golden School and the Headmasters bring Urie and Cabiria to the infirmary. While Temptel watches over them, Arkhan retreats to the Universal Library in search of a cure. Sulfus is still trying to rescue Raf, who insists he focus his attention to the humans. They, however, are fine and recognize their mysterious visitors are trying to help them. The monster finally grabs Sulfus and with Raf, drags both eternals down into the water.

Misha has lured the pherox far enough away that Gabi deems it safe to use his powers. He manages to destroy some of them, but there are plenty more ready to keep fighting. In the Library, Arkhan finds information on the pherox and their place of origin: Limbo.

Down in the cave pool, Raf and Sulfus are being dragged further down as the monster intends to feed them to a giant mouth at the bottom. Desperate, Raf activates her Think Fly and communicates with Sulfus to make their escape. She breaks the devil loose from the monster's grip and with his Body Fly, he returns the favor and sends the beast right into the teeth. At the school, Arkhan reveals to Temptel his findings and his cure for Limbo's poison: The White Sphere. They wave it over the injured students and hope for the best.

Gabi and Misha are being beaten back by the Pherox army, exhausted and cornered against a cliff. Luckily, the teachers arrive just in time and with the White Sphere, send the swarm back to Limbo.

Now safe, Raf and Sulfus return to their humans who are glad to see them alright. They formally introduce themselves as Angels and Devils before erasing their memories of having met. The eternals hide and plan on how to get them out of the cave, but Sulfus interrupts the transformation. He inquires over whether, since she entered his mind, she knows his true feelings for her which she agrees to be true. She admits to feeling the same for him and the torment of it. Sulfus tries to kiss her but she stops him, saying that despite how they love one another, the rules of Angels and Devils must prevail. He's broken hearted by this but will respect her decision.

The two, disguised as speleologists, lead the humans to their bus, dodging questions of looking "familiar". They reconvene with the human teachers who joyfully announce that the paramedics are on their way to help Ginevra. In Limbo, Reina is outraged for her failed plan. She desperately calls Malachia to bring back the Black Spider and she gives it a new biting curse, this one meant to be "irresistible".

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  • Stop Fly


  • Quake Fly


  • Fire Fly
  • Body Fly


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  • Web Fly
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  • Think Fly
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  • Even opposites like angels and devils have people they care about, especially when they are hurting.


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